a·gi·ta·to/ˌajiˈtätō/ Italian, literally ‘agitated’. A music term: in an agitated manner (especially as a direction after a tempo marking)

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Rates vary according to the number of performers, length of performance, and additional requirements. Our minimum booking time is one hour.

Agitato Strings's set of ensembles:

  • Solo: Violin/Cello.
  • Duo: 2 Violins, Violin & Cello or any String instrument & Piano/Keyboard.
  • String Trio: Two violins and cello or violin, viola and cello.
  • String Quartet: Two violins, viola, and cello.
  • String Quintet: a string quartet with the addition of a double bass.
  • Large size Violin ensemble (up to 12 musicians).
  • Chamber/String Orchestra.

To receive a quote, contact Marina Kuzmenkov:
call (973) 495-6490